My Super Secret Home Made  Bullet Lube Recipe

By liquid volume -
50% beeswax
40% veggie shortnin'
10% peanut oil

This here is the Super Secret part: Add lanolin - 1 rounded tablespoon - or a big healthy squeeze - per 2 cups of the 50-40-10 mix.  (You can find it in the Baby department at most variety/department stores.)

Works quite well in .38-55 & .45-70 at BPCRS shoots, .45 Colt caliber pistols, Winchester '66, ''73, '86 and new model '94. Summer as well as winter. Also like the way it handles in the RCBS lubrisizer. Got tired of pan lubing - took to long for me.

This recipe is also rather plastic in nature.  Therefor it is not good for pan lubing, unless one "cuts" each lubed bullet from the cooled and solidified lube with a brass casing / empty cartridge shell.

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